DePigment: the anti-stain formula with Tranexamic acid

anti-stain formula

Dark spots on the skin have become one of our main aesthetic concerns. According to experts, the spots can be eliminated with depigmenting treatments; so here we present you: DePigment, the anti-stain formula

Use moisturizing face cream and sun protection in the morning and at night. Since we are young it is a routine that we will appreciate in a while. What is better than nourished, luminous and beautiful skin as a great reward?

However, as the years go by, problems appear, such as dryness, opacity, and, above all, what worries us the most, stains. Adding to that the external effects of sun exposure and pollution, for instance, make changes inevitable to appear.

The anti-stain moisturizing cream is not enough if we want to combat these pigmentations. therefore, we should introduce specific products that treat them.

For this reason, we have created DePigment, which visibly reduces dark spots in just a few days. It increases the natural luminosity of the skin and helps prevent future hyperpigmentation marks.

Its innovative anti-stain formula with the best selection of active ingredients. It acts to equalize the production of melanin, restore the balance of skin tone and reduce existing skin blemishes. It is the only formula with proven highly effective ingredients, indicated to reduce localized hyperpigmentation such as freckles, aging, and sunspots. It has the effect of energizing and revitalizing the cells, which makes the skin look much more illuminated, increasing the production of collagen and elastin.

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