How to treat acne skin?

Acne rutina

We tend to think that adolescence and young adults are the only groups that suffer from acne, but it’s not true. When we reach adulthood, multiple factors may contribute to and cause outbreaks of acne namely: stress, hormonal imbalance, pollution… etc. Skin that is prone to acne requires very specific care. Here at Pressensa, we have the most appropriate treatment.

80% of adolescents and about 50% of adult women suffer from acne, so having oily, acne-prone skin is not unusual. The skin needs lipids to form a natural barrier that protects us from external factors that influence skin conditions and hormones and regulate the production of these fats. In certain situations where hormones are altered (puberty, menstruation, menopause) excess sebum is produced which, in turn, combined with dead cells can block the skin pores leading to outbreaks of acne lesions. That’s how acne is created!

Caring for skin with these characteristics requires constant using specifically formulated products.

For this reason, Pressensa has created Acnheal; a multivitamin astringent, decongestant, tissue regenerator, and protector of the epidermis. A combination of exfoliating, cleansing, antioxidant, and moisturizing agents that improve the skin.

This treatment will be able to alleviate the outbreaks and help to reduce the inflammation and the spread of acne, it will also prevent scaring and remove the stains that may remain.

Within the same concept, and to complete the treatment and get a better outcome, it is advisable to use our AcnoLess daily. This creamy texture gel contains a mixture of Synergistic extracts of Iris, Vitamin A, and Zinc that has been clinically shown to purify the skin, minimize pores and reduce skin imperfections.

Remember that before starting the process or applying any product, good facial hygiene is the morning and at night, along with an exfoliation once a week are key and highly recommended so that the patient does not increase their problem.

Our DeePure facial cleanser is very good for such skin types. It is an emulsion moisturizing cleanser with a creamy and fresh touch, it contains liposomal glacier water with no alcohol or parabens.

Its great cleaning power allows it to remove the makeup residue without damaging the underlying skin, unclogging the pores. Having healthy skin is possible, but it requires a commitment. If we adopt a persistent and specific care routine, the results will not take long to appear.

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