Mechanical and enzymatic exfoliant

Mechanical – Enzymatic Exfoliation – Ultra gentle and effective, it removes dead cells and imperfections, stimulates skin regeneration and provides skin radiance.

Excellent dual-action formulation containing exfoliating micro-granules that gently remove dead skin cells and impurities. In addition, the enzymatic cocktail that makes up this formulation, with Pineapple and Papaya extracts, smoothes the skin, toning and illuminating it.

It acts in two complementary ways, thanks to the particles, we perform a mechanical exfoliation, which allows us to drag the scales of the epidermis, complementing this effect with the action of the enzymatic cocktail that favors the desquamation of the skin and thus increasing its luminosity.

All this accelerates the depigmentation process, cleansing the epidermis and favoring the skin renewal process.

Active ingredients of ScruBright


Jojoba scrubs provide gentle yet effective exfoliation benefits, enhancing the performance of a cleanser to remove dead skin cells and dirt particles while improving skin radiance.


Tropical fruits (pineapple and papaya extracts). It has the power of nature. The fruit enzyme peel cleanses the skin surface, removes dead skin cells and stimulates the regeneration of the dermis.


It emerges as the global remedy against photodamage and photoaging, covering the entire solar spectrum thanks to its new innovative natural activity in the field of photoprotection: a broad spectrum photoprotection for UV, IR and VISIBLE, including protection against blue light (high energy VISIBLE, typically from electronic devices that we constantly use in our daily lives. (Patented product).

Organic Witch Hazel Hydrolate

This hydrolat soothes sensitive and irritated skin. Its vasoconstrictor effect allows it to reduce the appearance of minor skin redness. It is astringent and purifying, it helps to close the pores of oily skins.


Antioxidant. Its action on the skin results in a delay in the aging of skin cells. Combats

free radicals that act on the deterioration of skin tissue and are responsible for the early appearance of wrinkles.


High antioxidant and depigmenting activity, as a reducing substance.

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Active principles

Jojoba Scrubeads
Enzymatic Peeling
Arabian Cotton
Organic Hamamelis Hydrolate
Vitamin E
Vitamin C

Size: 250ml


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