Injectable cross-linked hyaluronic acid

Intradermal hyaluronic acid filler

Seductiva Medium is a filler indicated for use in lip filling, lip volume and contours, nasolabial wrinkles, oral commissures (marionette lines), and redefinition of glabellar lines.
The molecular weight of the initial Hyaluronic Acid is 2400-4000 kDa

Filler Seductiva medium

It is injected subcutaneously with a duration of between 8 and 12 months of treatment. After the absorption of the absorbable filler, the aesthetic effect obtained also fades.

Seductiva Medium is capable of binding to water molecules, with the result of filling wrinkles in a totally natural way without any kind of distortion.

Precisely because of its particularity, hyaluronic acid lends to filling wrinkles, folds, and furrows or, to increasing the volume of the lips, cheekbones, or chin.

Advantages of the Pressensa Filler

-It has high tolerability with practically no endotoxins or other free toxic substances.

– It is formulated to obtain very natural results and an instantly visible lifting effect.

– Its ease of use and intrinsic safety of the product makes it easier for the doctor to carry out the treatment.

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Injectable cross-linked hyaluronic acid


Concentration: 20 mg/ml
pH: 6.00–7.50
Initial hyaluronic acid molecular weight: 2400-4000 kDa
otal endotoxins: ≤ 0.5 EU/ml T
Cross-linking agent: BDDE
Volume per syringe: 2 x 1 ml
Estimated duration of results:8 a 12 months
Needle: 27G 1/2” TSK / Cannula
Sterilization: Autoclave
Injection depth: Hypodermis, mid-level, deep dermis
Injection methods: Linear, retrograde, layer by layer, radial, bolus


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