Why is it important to educate our patients to take care of the contour of their eyes?

contorno de ojos

The skin around the eyes is up to 10 times thinner than the rest of the face. . Thus, it is an area that usually suffers from various problems such as dehydration, premature wrinkles, flaccidity, inflammation in the form of bags and dark circles

To take care of the eye contour, you need the right cream, bearing in mind that since the skin is thin around the eye, it is more likely to be sensitive to cream ingredients, and extra caution is needed. For this reason, it is convenient to use an eye contour from the 30 years

At Pressensa, we have created an ideal routine to delay and fight against fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, to hydrate this area well, and to reduce bags.

Imitating the results of blepharoplasty surgery, this formula manages to reaffirm and tighten the eye contour, reduce inflammation of bags, and leave a beautiful and young look.

It is neither a joke nor magic, we are talking about the combination of ActivEyes + CirclEye


ActivEye, which was developed for global care of the eye contour area, with the combination of the 3 best peptides (Eyeseryl. Argireline, and Eyedeline) together with the hyaluronic acid, corrects the three main non-aesthetic signs: dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines.

On the other hand, CircleEye is a revolutionary eye contour that reconstructs the tissues to lift the upper eyelid and hide the bags. Its innovative formulation restores the skin stem cells accelerating their cell renewal and thus slowing down the process of skin aging, preventing the formation of wrinkles, and protecting the skin against the action of free radicals.

Without a doubt, the perfect duo for a clear look that is free of signs of age.

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