When looking for a depigmenting treatment, we want a well-designed cosmetic that is capable of treating blemishes and achieving youthful-looking skin with a uniform tone. The selection of active ingredients must work together to equalize the production of melanin, restore the balance of skin tone and reduce existing skin blemishes.

This year Pressensa introduces DePigment, a totally new depigmentation solution, a modern product based on a cocktail of highly effective ingredients. DePigment visibly reduces dark spots in just a few days, increases the natural radiance of the skin and helps prevent future hyperpigmentation marks:

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ARBUTIN: reduces localized hyperpigmentation of freckles, age spots and sun spots

SUCCINIC ACID: has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, also has anti-acne, anti-aging action and improves the mitochondrial activity on skin cells

ASCORBIL GLUCOSIDE: for skin lightening, sun protection and anti-aging properties.

Oligopeptide-34. CG-TGP2: decreases melanin synthesis by regulating TRP-1, TRP-2, MITF and Tyrosinase, which blocks melanosome transfer from melanocyte to keratinocyte

TRANEXAMIC ACID: has the ability to illuminate and unify the surface of the skin. Also reduces the appearance of skin blemishes.

GLUTATHIONE: with antioxidant, anti-aging and skin lightening action

N-ACETYL CYSTEINE: has a strong anti-aging action, as it contributes to the production of collagen, promotes elasticity, skin texture and enhances the antioxidant action of glutathione

LYSINE, GLYCINE, HISTIDINE: Three amino acids involved in the production of collagen and elastin with moisturizing action on the skin

HYALURONIC ACID: moisturizing, anti-aging and healing action

Pressensa's new DePigment cosmetic is now available for registered professional users on the website www.pressensa.shop

If you want to receive a free sample, you are a professional user and registered at www.pressensa.shop, you can request it through the email sales@pressensa.com