We see our smiles through them, yes ... the eyes also smile with our mouth, and today our look of optimism is more necessary than ever. The protective mask against the coronavirus placed great importance on the eyes. Today the eyes are described as the main protagonists of the beauty industry.

Taking care of the eye area is now more important to all of us. Professionals see an opportunity in specific products most in demand for the eye contour, advanced products that provide a comprehensive solution that meets the most common needs.

In relation to these needs, we find the innovative Pressensa ActivEyes formula, which has been developed for the comprehensive care of the eye area, with the combination of the 3 best peptides for the eye area and with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. It corrects the three main signs: dark circles, bags and wrinkles.

The multiple advantages of ActivEyes make it ideal for the complete care of the eye area: it minimizes the appearance of puffiness, reduces dark circles and wrinkles, has a lifting effect on the eyebrows and brings luminosity to the eye area.