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The brand Pressensa appeared in the year 2013, becoming a trademark of Etternity Dermal, as a result of a long-term research of Spanish scientists and innovators in the cosmetology field.

For more than 15 years our team of scientists have studied actively the process of skin aging.

They have developed a series of dermatocosmetic products for complex treatments, rejuvenation, preserving the beauty and skin health.

The brand Pressensa quickly gained

a worldwide reputation based on the superiority and quality of the product. Pressensa uses the most innovative technologies to create a product which is truly amazing.

Today we are present in almost all the European capitals and in many major cities of the world.

We develop dynamically and we are on the threshold of new discoveries.

The quality of our products convinces of its effectiveness even the most skeptical cosmetologists and their clients.

Thanks to our products, we want to improve the modern methods of anti-aging or skin defects and to rise the quality of cosmetology services at the highest level.

Our objective is to meet the quality of future requirements of the consumers.

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