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Moisturizer 250ml


Absorbed CreaMask

Absorbent moisturization mask with MARSturizer™ and hyaluronic acid.

Fast-acting and lasting all day long moisturization, Gives the skin its smoothness, suppleness, and healthy outlook.

Suitable for all skin types even sensitive ones. 

Main active ingredients :


Hydrastasis from Outer Space

It’s a bacterial ferment obtained from an acidophilic microorganism founded in Rio Tinto, a Spanish river known as “Mars in the Earth” due to its similar extremophilic conditions.

• Has proven efficacy for the face and body.

•Increases hydration and reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL)

by reinforcing the skin barrier through increased expression of genes related to lipids and the stratum corneum

•Protects keratinocytes from dehydration and increases the gene expression of Calcium channels.

•Regenerates and repairs the skin, calming facial erythema, as well as increasing firmness and elasticity.

Hyaluronic Acid Full Moisturizing and Increase the Volume:

Thanks to its great ability to attract and retain water, its use in cosmetic topical treatments can rehydrate in-depth the epidermis of the treated area, it can also increase the thickness and the volume of the skin and reduce the furrows, making the skin look smoother.



Only available for professionals.


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