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Absorbed CreaMask


Absorbent astringent, mattifying mask with Zinc Sulfate and hamamelis Extractfor redness, improving skin imperfections.

Suitable for Skin with acne and/or seborrheic, in combination with oily skin.

Zinc Sulfate

  Properties that make it useful for acne:

-          Studies show that zinc can eradicate acne-causing bacteria.  Zinc can be useful in that bacteria won’t develop resistance to it, thereby working on those with antibiotic-resistant bacteria on the skin.


-          Zinc can temper the response of inflammation in acne-prone and reduce the potential effects of bacteria on the skin. 

-          Zinc helps to keep skin pores open by acting as Keratinocyte-reducing

-          Zinc can reduce the amount of oil (sebum) produced by the skin.   

-           Is a powerful antioxidant. Inflammatory damage to the sebum is one of the root causes of acne, and studies have furthermore concluded that taking antioxidants can reduce acne for this reason.


is well known for its astringent and calming properties. The Hamamelis hydrolat, has an astringent effect when applied topically. Also contributes to relieve irritation and burns.

Thanks to its astringent properties it gets excellent results in time to cicatrize, relax and avoid skin bleeding. For that Hamamelis is capable of calm and prepare the face.

It also results very effective to treat oily skin because it closes the pores, being one of the best natural remedies to close pores in a fast but also durable way. For that it uses is highly recommend to treat acne, relieving and eliminating it, in the samy way that it acts with oily skin.


Only available for professionals.


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