Pearl shine pack

Forget empty promises and magic solutions. Offer your clients a scientific and cutting-edge approach to skincare, based on consistency and state-of-the-art technology.

Visible and lasting results with Pearl Shine Kit:
Brightens and evens skin tone.
Fights wrinkles and expression lines.
Provides deep hydration and radiance.
Refines skin texture.


WhitExtreme Day and Night Whitening Cream:
Formulated with Arbutin, a next-generation ingredient that acts on hyperpigmentation spots, unifying skin tone.
Provides hydration and luminosity thanks to its advanced composition.

Intense C VitaSerum:
A powerful antioxidant that fights the signs of premature aging.
Brightens the skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots.
Stimulates collagen production for firmer, more elastic skin.
Contains Vitamin C, an essential active for skin radiance and health.

RetinoLift Vita Serum:
Reduces expression lines and wrinkles.
Refines skin texture and improves radiance.
Promotes cell renewal thanks to the power of Retinol.

Additional Benefits:

Suitable for all skin types.
Complete skincare solution.

Pearl Shine Kit: The ideal choice for cosmetologists who want to offer their clients an effective and safe solution for achieving radiant and rejuvenated skin.

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Pearl shine pack


Whitening Cream
Vitamin C Serum
Retinol Serum


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