ReduCelite 250 ml

Cellulite Slimming and Firming gel for Body

ReduCelite is an active gel with heat effect for the body. It is formulated with multi-active ingredients that act against cellulite in any situation.

The product is suitable for use before training, as the heat action combined with exercise accelerates the degradation of cellulite and helps its elimination.

Carnitine and Caffeine: localized fat reduction

Caffeine and Carnitine are two of the best known active ingredients for fat elimination and cellulite reduction.

Use ReduCelite in your center because it is perfect for specific treatments to reduce cellulite and localized fat.

Specifically, caffeine enhances the reduction of lipids in adipocytes, cells that make up adipose tissue and whose main function is to store triglycerides and release them when necessary.

Ideal to combine with Profirming, a cold effect gel.

Carnitine is an essential cofactor in lipid metabolism. It is also popularly called the “fat-eating molecule” because it is involved in the transport of fats into the cell for conversion into energy.

Another of the active ingredients in the ReduCelite formulation is Provislim™, an effective combination of two active ingredients of natural origin that clearly enhances the reduction of body fat tissue in any situation.

Also, Organic Silicon is included in its formula. It has the ability to stimulate fibroblast activity, maintaining collagen production for firmer skin.

Organic silicon acts at different levels of lipolysis, firms tissues and has anti-inflammatory activity, which makes this active ingredient a prime anti-cellulite ingredient.


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ReduCelite 250 ml






Organic Silicon



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