Lifter Essence Ampoule DMAE

Lifter Essence Ampoule DMAE 3%

Lifter Essense is an ideal firming solution for mesotherapy. It is a firming product that improves the contractibility and firmness of the skin, its formula with DMAE is a toning molecule. its formula with DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) establishes and regulates the fluid mosaic of the cell membrane and stimulates the contraction of proteins in the tissue fluid while retaining water in the tissues.

Firming effect ampoule

DMAE is ideal for anti-aging skin treatments and is a major factor in the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine. This active ingredient protects the membrane structure, making the tissue more resistant to stress. It should be noted that DMAE is also a neurotransmitter and converts choline into acetylcholine while increasing the degree of muscle contraction capable of restoring firmness and tone to flaccid muscles.

The aging process is responsible for the decrease in the production of acetylcholine as a muscle toning agent; therefore, the application of DMAE is essential to raise the level of active acetylcholine to increase muscle contraction and firmness of skin tissues

Ideal for…

DMAE Exerts an immediate and lasting lifting effect. In addition, it reaffirms and improves the stability of the cell membrane; Increases facial muscle tone, mainly in the neck area. It even recovers the elasticity and flexibility of the skin. Lastly, it also fights free radicals.

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