RenovaPeel | Jessner’s Solution acid peels

Solution with acids for professional chemical peeling

Effectiva Method Peeling is an advancedand safe range of chemical peels with an innovative formulation designed for cosmetic professionals.

RenovaPeel gives the skin a youthful appearance by restoring its natural tone. Formulated to help stimulate elastin and collagen production; reduce acne blemishes, psoriasis; ingrown hairs; wrinkles; fine lines; reduce the appearance of melasma, freckles, acne, and mild cases of rosacea.

All our product ranges are designed to facilitate the work of professionals, therefore, our products are not formulated with a single substance, otherwise with formulas combined with several components that make the most of the treatment to achieve exponential results.

14% Citric acid for peeling

Effective on skin with acne. Promotes exfoliation and skin cell turnover and is also a good source of antioxidants.

5% tartaric acid for peeling

Exfoliating and Antioxidant two in one fight the aging of mature skin, and protects it against future damage.

3% Mandelic acid for peeling

Capable of eliminating skin imperfections and reducing marks on the face.

2% pyruvic acid for peeling

Unifies the tone in an unparalleled way and provides an extraordinary luminosity to the skin. In addition, it visibly improves the appearance of scars.

0.10% Salicylic acid for peeling

Keratolytic that softens the skin and improves its texture with anti-acne and anti-irritant properties

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RenovaPeel | Jessner’s Solution acid peels


14% Citric acid
5% Tartaric Acid
3% Mandelic Acid
2% Pyruvic Acid
0.10% Salicylic Acid

Spray de 50 ml
New Jessner
modified solution


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