Peeling Course

Advanced course where you will learn new peeling treatment techniques with Pressensa products from the Peeling line.

You will learn through explanatory videos, with a theoretical and practical basis, how to perform Peeling treatments step by step.

You can choose to buy the course together with the Pressensa product pack, or just buy the course.

The Course includes:

Renova Peel 1A New Jessner White Peel

Rejova Peel 1 B(AHA Innovated) Luminous TCA Basic

Hydra Peel Luminossa TCA ANTI-AGE

Rosacea Peel Luminossa TCA LIFT

CrystalBright Peel Luminossa TCA WHITE

Magic Combi Peel Brightening TCA Retinol Аcne

Antiacne Blue Red Peel Luminous TCA Body

Lifting Peel

It is ideal for estheticians as well as physicians. You will gain advanced knowledge in peeling procedures, based on clinical research.

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Peeling Course


Technical aspects:

Course duration:
15 videos of 8-10mn each

The course includes:

Access to training videos

Detailed manuals with the different protocols of use

Online assistance by a specialized dermatologist

Certificate of completion

Pack of products included in the course:
Microneedling line
Acnheal 2 Ampoules
Depigment 2 Ampoules
Meso cocktail line
Whitenesse 1 vial
Fullnesse 1 vial
Brightnesse 1vial
Firmnesse 1 vial
Skin aging 1 Ampoule
Peeling line
Luminossa TCA 1 Vials
Luminossa TCA Strong 1 Vials
BalancyPeel 1
RenovaPeel 1
RejovaPeel 1
AseptyCool 1
Professional Cosmetics line
DeePure Cleansing Milk (500 ml)
FresHydra Tonic (500 ml)
DefencExtra SPF 80+ (250 ml)
Exfolight (250 ml)
Absorbent CreaMask C+ (250 ml)
Moisturizer CreaMask (250 ml)
Astringent CreaMask (250 ml)
Comfort Sense CreaMask (250 ml)
Scrubright (250 ml)

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