DePigment | Tranexamic acid ampoule for mesotherapy

Tranexamic acid ampoule for Microneedling.

Depigment is a cocktail formulated to reduce localized hyperpigmentation due to sunspots, aging, or freckles in a safe and effective way,maintaining long-last results.

Tranexamic acid is a synthetic lysine amino acid derivative. scientifically proven that when applied topically it helps to combat all types of blemishes.

Tranexamic acid is a depigmenting agent with a higher tolerance compared to others; able to achieve a perfect balance between efficacy and tolerance.

Reduces localized hyperpigmentation

Like all the Microneedling line formulated to treat specific problems in localized areas. Depigment is ideal for combating localized skin blemishes. It also helps prevent the formation and reappearance of stains.

Ampoule with Arbutin for microneedling

This cocktail is also formulated with Arbutin; yet another scientifically proven component for pigmentation-inhibiting efficacy and suitable for all skin types.

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