Intense C VitaSerum Vitamin C serum

Vitamin C y Argirelox TM serum

Intense C+ VitaSerum is a daily use antioxidant serum rich in pure vitamin C, among other active ingredients, formulated to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.


Ideal to recommend to your patient its daily use at home after revitalizing or anti-wrinklemesotherapy treatments.

It acts synergistically to combat wrinkles(thanks to its active ingredient Argirelox TM Botox Effect Peptide), the signs of aging, and the appearance of expression lines.

VitaSerum’s Vitamin C works by capturing oxidizing substances and free radicals in the skin to deactivate them. It also increases skin elasticity, as it promotes collagen synthesis.

Furthermore,Intense C+ VitaSerumhas a depigmenting action; by suppressing the skin pigmentation process and melanin degradation. And in turn, it can prevent the formation of freckles, moles, and hyperpigmentation associated with skin aging.

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Intense C VitaSerum Vitamin C serum




Vitamin C

Rosehip Extract

organic silicon

Hyaluronic acid

Ginkgo Biloba


Only available in small size


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