Skin Aging Ampoule with Vitamin C

Ampoule with Vitamin C 20%

Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis by transforming proline into hydroxyproline, thus improving the function of proline hydroxylase (an enzyme that mediates this metabolic cycle). Hydroxyproline is an essential enzyme in the process of collagen formation as the protein that gives firmness to the skin and stimulates its youth by helping to improve microcirculation and skin elasticity.

Vitamin C decreases lipid peroxidation (LDL or low-density lipids responsible for arteriosclerosis) and is also responsible for oxidative damage to DNA and proteins. For this reason, vitamin C is given defense actions against skin aging.

This active ingredient is also essential in the synthesis of carnitine, an essential element in the transport of fatty elements to the mitochondria to improve energy intake.

Pure Vitamin C ampoule

Being part of collagen synthesis, Vitamin C helps prevent skin aging and limits the damage caused by free radicals.

Vitamin C helps reduce wrinkles, and improve skin tone and firmness, especially in photo-aged skin.

Vitamin C is very effective on acne-prone skin, by preventing and reducing acne lesions.

Ideal for…

Protect skin cells and prevent UV damage; In addition, it improves the appearance of photo-aged skin and its protective barrier. It is also responsible for reducing inflammation and stimulating collagen production. And finally, it decreases skin hyperpigmentation.

Its application is even ideal to improve the effectiveness of peeling and dermabrasion.

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