CreaMask Vitamina C

An absorbent night mask with vitamin C

CreaMask Vit C+ is an absorbent night mask, ideal for giving the skin luminosity and vitality while improving its texture and elasticity.

We all know the benefits of Vitamin C, that’s why at Pressensa cosmetic, Vitamin C is the protagonist. CreaMask has a high concentration of Vitamin C in its formulation, which means better results for the skin.

In addition, it is formulated for all skin types, including sensitive. And it does not contain parabens.

Hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin

This absorbent mask is formulated to treat and prevent tired and dull skin.

Its formula rich in Vitamin C, Collagen, Elastin, Amino Acids, and Hyaluronic Acid gives the skin a rosy tone and a radiant and healthy appearance. formulated to treat tired skin by giving it luminosity and vitality, providing, immediately, a rosy tone and a radiant and healthy look. At the same time, it homogenizes the skin color, improving the texture and the elasticity of the skin, hydrating it in depth, and helping to minimize wrinkles and expression lines.

In addition,it improves the texture and elasticity of the skin, hydrating it deeply (thanks to the properties of Hyaluronic Acid) and helps to minimize wrinkles and expression lines.

mesotherapy; peeling; acne treatments; healing wounds

Use CreaMask to give luminosity and firmness to the skin, smooth spots, or repair part of the damage caused by solar radiation and pollution to which we are exposed on a daily basis.

Also, use it if your job requires prolonged daytime exposure to screen light (blue light or HEV radiation) because Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant.

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