FresHydra aloe vera tonic

Facial toner 500ml with Aloe Vera

Facial toner with Aloe Vera extract FresHydra Tonic is our Aloe Vera and plant extracts tonic. Formulated to tone the epidermis; refresh the skin; regulate its PH and prepare it for the products that we are going to apply later. We have designed this toner for all skin types, also for sensitive skin. It does not have any alcohol or parabens.

FresHydra Tonic is formulated with:
Aloe Vera Extract:
To smooth; regenerate and hydrate the skin due to its ability to retain water molecules.
Propylene glycol:
High moisturizing power. Moisturizing or humectant organic compound thanks to its ability to surround itself with water molecules.
Vegetal glycerin:
For a smooth and glowing complexion Glycerin is a polyalcohol. Due to its hygroscopic power, it obtains hydration of the surface, and impregnation of the stratum corneum provides immediate hydration.
Oat Extract:
This is one of the key components of the epidermal barrier. Este extracto está producido por biotecnología para que sea idéntico a las ceramidas humanas y así ser incorporados y utilizados más rápidamente por la piel.
Cleaning and improvement of damaged skin. It allows to reduce the skin’s healing time and thus promotes its regeneration since it favors and accelerates this natural process of the skin.
Extracto de Tilo:
Increases collagen production. The molecule takes the place of a human peptide involved in the manufacture of collagen.
Natural moisturizing factor:
Preserves the balance of the epidermis. It is a mixture of molecules capable of retaining water in the surface layers.

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FresHydra aloe vera tonic



Aloe Vera Extract

Propylene glycol

Vegetal glycerin

Oat Extract


Linden Extract

Natural Moisturizing Factor

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