Revitalesse vial hyaluronic acid 1.5%

Hyaluronic acid vial 1.5% biostimulant

Revitalesse, is a solution that synergistically combines low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and Organic Silicon, creating a very powerful cocktail to revitalize the skin. It is a cocktail with an advanced formula of several components whose objective is to revitalize the skin and increase its brightness.

Hyaluronic acid + X-DNA + DMAE

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid acts as the agent responsible for hydration and epidermal firming.

X-DNA and DMAE vial DMAE

DAME is an incredible active ingredient that prolongs the life of cells, inhibits the cross-linking of proteins, and makes the skin tone and look firm.

It is a firming of skin tissues, counteracting their sagging, stabilizes the structure of the cell membrane, and contributes to the elasticity of skin tissues.

Revitalesse also contains X-DNA, this active ingredient is responsible for rebuilding the connective tissue of the dermis, especially cellular collagen.

Other Revitalese actives

Revitalesse is also formulated with Organic Silicon, essential for shaping the structure of the dermis, unifying glycosaminoglycans, and polyuronics.

It also contains Mannitol; a substance with high osmotic capacity. It prevents the degradation of hyaluronic acid, it acts by slowing down the degradation.

Sorbitol is another component of this formula. It has moisturizing and stabilizing properties, which confers certain occlusive hydration.

Revitalese also contains Panthenol; a component that penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and preserves natural moisture there. And finally, Glutathione, is an important substance for cell protection.

mesotherapy; peeling; acne treatments; healing wounds

Deep and long-lasting hydration for the skin. Also, to reaffirm and restructure skin tissues.
In addition, it is also responsible for delaying the aging of the skin.

At the same time reducing wrinkles and fine lines; reduce cell oxidation, neutralizes free radicals, and stimulates collagen synthesis.

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Revitalesse vial hyaluronic acid 1.5%


Hyaluronic acid
Organic Silicon
Colágeno Hidrolizado;

Vial of 10ml; box of 10 units.

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