Lightening cream with arbutin

It is an ideal lightening cream for after depigmenting treatments. It is also in a small size so that it can be purchased by the patient. WhiteExtreme provides deep hydration and helps prevent the formation of spots on the face.

Ideal for treatments after using DePigment or Brightnesse

Arbutin: depigmenting active
It is a natural derivative of hydroquinone. It inhibits the activity of tyrosin and, therefore, is capable of depigmenting the spots, unifying the tone of the epidermis.
HENTOWHITE : Decreases the formation of melanin
is a compound based on Resorcinol derivative, with excellent results, CLINICALLY PROVEN, on the reduction of skin’s dark spots and skin lightening, while having no irritation effects on the treated area .
Niacinamide or better known as Vitamin B3.
Niacinamide has antioxidant properties; moisturizers; depigmenting and sebum-regulating.


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